Modular Sofa GE 280 by Hans J. Wegner for GETAMA

Three piece modular sofa, model GE 280 by design grandmaster Hans J. Wegner for GETAMA.
Beautiful minimalistic design from Denmark.

Very comfortable sofa that can be arranged to your liking.
The elements connector together with original clamps for sturdiness.
Very nice when placed free standing in a room due to the beautiful backside.
Three elements are on offer, two straight ones and one corner element.

The construction is made of solid oak with wooden cushions in the color greenish grey.
The sofa is in great condition. Slight change in color due to sunlight exposure on the back of the cushions. This will not show when cushions are placed in their frame.

Measurements of straight elements:
height 79 cm
width 64 cm
depth 77 cm

Measurements of the corner element:
height 79 cm
width 77 cm
depth 77 cm

Price € 2150